Padirac Innovation is a not-for-profit created in France in mid 2014. It aims at making tools for humanitarian needs.

You can find all information about it in this official document:,1314832.html

Its main activity so far was to :

  • It solved the following Innocentive challenges:

    • inventing a tool to deactivate abandoned chemical warfare,

    • finding a drug for eczema that is currently without valid IP,

    • helping Cleveland Clinic with new strategies to mitigate adaptation of prostate cancer cells to new drugs.

  • In 2017 it did developed an early detector for heart failure:

  • In 2018 it aims at improving cancer health care for French speaking people (which would include people not only from France, but also from some countries such as Democratic Republic of Congo).

  • It would be through better information, essentially from the English and German speaking Wikipedia, but also from other sources, such as or from an acclaimed book from the famous cancer scientist : Robert Weinberg.